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This is a sacred and unique Magickal system, created by Javanese Sorcerer Hari Andri Winarso. Macan Putih Magick offers a profound connection with the spirit of the White Tiger, enabling individuals to tap into its power and make it their Guardian Spirit (Khodam). This energy delves into the remarkable benefits of the magickal powers of Macan Putih Magick, including enhanced physical, mental, and magickal abilities, as well as its applications in various aspects of life.

By connecting with this energy, you will learn to embody the spirit of the White Tiger in many ways: 

  • Unleashing Physical Power - Harness the physical strength, agility, and endurance associated with the White Tiger.
  • Mental Empowerment - Cultivate mental clarity, focus, and intuition through the power of the White Tiger.
  • Protection & Self-Defense - Shield yourself, others and your personal space from negative energies, ill intentions, and psychic attacks
  • Charisma & Influence - Radiate the White Tiger's charisma, confidence, respect and honour.
  • Magickal Empowerment - The White Tiger will empower all aspects of your metaphyscial practices, refining the strength of all energies that you work with. You will also learn rituals and spells for utilising these unique powers.
  • Practical Applications - The White Tiger spirit can bring success in practical areas such as business and the empowerment of existing goals. 


By delving into the teachings of Macan Putih Magick, you will embark on a transformative journey that empowers you physically, mentally, and magickally. With the knowledge and practices gained, you will be able to connect with the spirit of the White Tiger, unlock your inner potential, and manifest success in all areas of your life.

*Contains a digital manual upon purchase, alongside the initiation which is sent distantly at an agreed time.*

Macan Putih Magick (Magick of The White Tiger)

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