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Makuto Nogososro is an extremely powerful initiation to connects you to the limitless realm of the Dragons, providing you with the ability to summon Dragons easily without complex rituals. This Dragon is renowned amongst Javanese sorcerers as "The Crown Dragon"  and brings a whole host of powerful abilities to it's practitioners such as: 

  • Impeccable psychic protection 
  • Ability to cleanse and protect a space
  • Ability to heal physcially and metaphyscially
  • Manifestation and Discreation
  • Ability to remove dark forces
  • Deflecting psychic attack


Dragons are known as the highest from of Khodam (Guardian Spirit) and act as some of the most powerful allies that anyone can have by their side. 

In Indonesian occult practice, it was said that whoever possessed the Dragon's crown had the power and this initiation asbolutely lives up to this saying. 


*Contains a digital manual upon purchase, alongside the initiation which is sent distantly at an agreed time.*

Makuto Nogososro - The Crown Dragon

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