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Dragons (known in Javanese Shamanism as Nagas) are the primeval forces of creation and destruction in the universe and are a symbol of the fully-risen kundalini, the source of all spiritual attainment. Dragons are also known in Javanese tradition as the highest-level guardian spirit, making them some of the most powerful guides that anyone can have on their spiritual path. 


This powerful  package contains a series of advanced initiations into Javanese Shamanic power. These initiations will connect you to the Dragon realm and bring you the service of various powerful Dragon spirits, allowing you to summon them for any purpose. They are particularly useful for abundance, discreation, healing and removing curses. 


This Package Contains: 


  • Higher-Self Connection Disk - A disk of light is installed into your crown to celar the channel between you and your higher-self.
  • Dragon Fire Orb - This is the pure spirit of the Dragon's Fire energy. When this power is ignited within someone's energy field, it will burn away all possessing entities and negative programs.
  • Dragon's Eye Empowerment - Grants you access to the Dragon realm which is the liminal space that holds the worlds together.
  • Makuto Nogososro - The crown Dragon empowerment that grants you the Dragon's crown which will activate the Dragon Magic within you. This will bring a powerful Dragon spirit to your service, giving great protection and will unlock a whole host of supernatural powers. 
  • Mahkota Naga - Mahkota Naga is known as the King of the Naga (Dragons). Connecting to this powerful spirit will bring you the service of thousands of Dragons that serve this king. You will learn to summon this power to remove obstacles and dark forces, give protection, enhance abundance and many other abilities.
  • Naga Bhajra (The Thunder Dragon) - A potent universal Naga who's energy is like a lightening bolt. The Dragon can called to remove any curse or sorcery.
  • Naga Digdaya (The Power Dragon) - Another universal Dragon spirit who can be summoned to give extra protection and for power retrieval. 
  • Ilmu khodam Naga Pamungkas - An incredibly rare Dragon power that invokes the service of four Raja Nagas (supreme Dragon spirits) that have dominion over 300 subordinate Nagas, which as the most aggressive Dragon spirits in existence. With their combined strength, they cover the four cardinal directions, ensuring impeccable protection and service for practitioners. 


You will also receive the ancient Dragon Sutra - a powerful mantra that invokes all Dragon spirits simultaneously. 


*Contains digital manuals upon purchase, alongside the initiations which are sent to you in orbs, allowing you to receive them at your own schedule.*

Naga Magick (Dragon Magick)

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