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This package contains some of the most powerful Shamanic & Occult practices for Psychic Protection and Self-Defence. The tools you receive come mostly from Javanese Magick traditions and are given one week apart to allow you to integrate the the powers. 


Initiations Included:
  • Asmak Khodam Level 1 - The invocation of a personal angelic guardian spirit.
  • Tenaga Dalam Sinar Putih (Levels 1 - 3) - The white light inner power from javanese tradition that gives immunity from all Psychic Attack.
  • Tenaga Dalam Sinar Putih (Master - Grandmaster)  - Completing the white light inner power by increasing the powers to the maximum and additional powers such as exorcising a house of stuck spirits.
  • Tenaga Inti Khodam Malaikat - The Invocation of an entire legion of Angelic Helpers that can be called upon for any purpose that is in alignment with the highest good.
  • Ilmu Khodam Pasuken Malaikat - An entire legion of Angelic Troopers that can be summoned from just a simple mantra. 
  • Ultimate Protection Orb - A powerful servitor that invokes the most powerful Djinn, Daemons, Devils and Dragons to protect you, deflect any psychic attack being sent towards you, and bind anyone who is sending anything against you. Every time you activate this orb, it will invoke again. 
  • The Exorcism Orb - Another powerful servitor that includes the most potent banishing and Exorcism rituals. Activate any time to banish any intrusive energy from your system.


These initiations are perfect for healers who are in need of potent protection from other's energies. These powers do come with prayers and meditations that should be repeated daily, equating to about 15 - 20 mins practice each day. 




*Contains digital manuals upon purchase, alongside the initiations which are sent to you in orbs, allowing you to receive them at your own schedule.*

Psychic Self-Defence Package

£400.00 Regular Price
£250.00Sale Price
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