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This is a very potent initiation that activates the dormant energies of the star grid (also known as the Merkaba), whilst upgrading the quality of the prana in your body and anchoring the energies of the higher-self and mother earth - the necessary balance that is needed to utilise this power. Once you have received this upgrade, you will be able to use the attached meditation to activate the star grid and use it as a vehicle to travel through the different realms quickly and efficiently.

What Does The Attunement Involve?The attunement you will receive with this includes four separate energies that together, fully activate the dormant star grid. These are as follows:


  • Pachamama Alignment - Reconnection to the Earth's full flow of life force energy, enhancing your connection to the nature beings.
  • Higher-Self Connection Disk - A disk of light which is planted in your head and continuously clears the channel between you and your higher-self energy.
  • Star Grid Activation - opening the dormant etheric vehicle and allowing the higher-self and earth energies to combine in perfect harmony.
  • Pranic Upgrade - this final activation provides the fuel that the Star Grid needs to fully activate. This upgrades the prana in the body to that of the higher-dimensions, speeding up the body’s natural healing mechanisms, slowing down the ageing process and enhancing all other metaphysical practice and efficiency.


This attunement will trigger drastic shifts in your energy that will continue to unfold over time. 


*Upon purchase, you will receive a manual explaining the process in detail, alongside your distant activation which is sent at an agreed time. You also receive a meditation that guides you through the process of activating the etheric vehicle. 

Star Grid Upgrade (Merkaba Activation)

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