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Tenaga Dalam Singa Putih (White Lion Inner Power) is a great inner power empowerment that comes from Mystical Javanese Knowledge. This particular breed of Tenaga Dalam (Indonesian Invulnerability) will activate a high level of inner power in order to awaken a giant physical power that makes you have an explosive power and incredible stamina, matching the energy of the White Lion archetype. Tenaga Dalam Singa Putih will also increase your charisma level and brings invulnerability power to protects from any physical attacks, ambushes, riots, mobs and aggressors attacking in large groups. 


It also builds a powerful shield around your aura to protects you from any kind of negative energies, protects you from any physical, magickal, and metaphysical attacks, also ambushes -- everywhere and everytime you are.


Tenaga Dalam Singa Putih has many benefits for your life which can't mentioned one by one. The initiation has 3 regular levels (1st Level, 2nd Level, and 3rd Level) with each level having an unique energy pattern, power, techniques and benefits. 


These powerful initiations are perfect for anyone looking for impeccable Psychic & Physcial protection, inner power, magnetism and charisma. 


*Contains digital manuals upon purchase, alongside the initiations which are sent to you in orbs, allowing you to receive them at your own schedule.*

Tenaga Dalam Singa Putih (White Lion Inner Power)

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