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My name is Luke N-Mason - an experienced Shamanic Practitioner with a range of experience in many different ancient Shamanic and occult traditions. It is my honour to offer you my healing and coaching services, fully tailored to your needs. 

This powerful block of sessions will take you on a very deep process of transformation and change by guiding you through five, 2-hour healing and coaching sessions that will release the imprints of your wounds and patterns, remove all intrusive energies and retrieve your authencity and power.  The block has the following structure:



  • Shadow Identification - Reading to identify the specific shadows that are playing out for you at this time and what needs releasing.
  • Two Illumination Healings - Removal of toxic karma/imprints that govern your physical experience.
  • Full Extraction & Exorcism - removal of all intrusive energies.
  • Power Retrieval - Releasing shame and retrieving the core creative drive that has been given away.
  • Soul Retrieval - Retrieving the soul parts that detached through trauma.


In my experience as a Shamanic practitioner, block sessions are the most effective approach if looking for lasting changes. If you want to book just a standalone session then click here.


For optimal results, I recommend approaching this block with a firm idea of what it is that you want to release from your life, alongside what you are ready to bring in. 



Please Note - These healing sessions are extensive and will trigger significant shifts in your energy. On occasion, this can induce a cleansing process, whereby your system starts to release toxins that it no longer needs. This is completely normal and should be welcomed.

PLEASE NOTE: These healings are here to support your healing path but are NOT replacements for Psychiatry and does not claim to be a primary treatment for any existing health condition. 

If you would like to book a longer program or block of sessions, all can be found here.

5-Healing & Coaching Sessions (Via Zoom)

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