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*You must have received Candali Levels 1 - 4 to do these initiations.


These advanced Candali initiations increase the power of the kundalini to the maximum, allowing practitioners to fully utilise the Candali energies to grow towards enlightenment. These additional five initiations have been kept mostly secret throughout all of the different styles of Candali and utilise a combinaton of Hindu and Buddhic practices. You will receive additional powers that will allow you to remove evil with ease, and drastically refine your spiritual development on all levels. 


Stages To The Initiation Process:

Level 5 (White MahaKali) - This level was created to build and protect your wealth and abundance energies. The sole purpose of White Mahakala is to ensure all your material needs are met easily, so there are no worries to distract you from your spiritual path. This is a high power that makes manifestation of abundance easy.


Level 6 (Laughing Buddha) - This initiation imprints a light-hearted and playful energy into your being, whilst also removing all toxic karma from previous lives. 


Level 7 (Dragon) - This level drastically increases the flow of Candali an additional 10-fold above Vajra Master Level, providing greater healing potential. 


Level 8 (Vajrayogini) - This completes the kundalini activation and increases the fire of Candali to the maximum, allowing you to fully utilise the full power of the kundalini. 


Level 9 (Dhumavati) - This doesn't increase the fire, but connects you to the darkest of the Mahavidyas, Dhumavati. She is known as the ultimate devourer because she ate Shiva. Her energy is dark and of total void, acting as the utlimate weapon against evil. She has the ability to remove any entity, thought form or curse almost instantly. 


*Contains digital manuals upon purchase, alongside the initiations which are sent distantly at an agreed time - there will be at least one week between each initiation.*

Advanced Candali/Gtummo

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