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My name is Luke N-Mason - an experienced Shamanic Practitioner with a wide range of experience in many different ancient Shamanic and occult traditions. It is my honour to offer you this powerful Distant Healing package combining some of the most powerful healing tools that I have gathered throughout my practice.

This powerful approach to distant healing has been developed in order to provide an affordable but extremely effective option for Shamanic Healing from anywhere in the world. It combines all of the healing tools that I have gathered throughout my practice of Shamanism to give you the best of all. These healings are designed to go very deep and include the following:


  • Balanicng of all of the chakras and meridians
  • Regenerating the energy field - Gaps in the aura will be filled with light.
  • Extraction/Exorcism - Removal of all curses, entities and psychic-attacks.
  • Tie Cutting - All vampiric links that are draining your energy will be cut.
  • Soul Retrieval - Lost pieces of your soul (authenticity) will be retrieved and healed. 
  • Power Retrieval - You will be reconnected with lost pieces of your power. 
  • Shame-Release - Energies will be sent to remove the roots of guilt and shame.
  • Grounding - You will be reconnected to the Earth's vibration.
  • Timeline Healing - Deep clearing will occur within your possible futures
  • Karma Purification - Full transmutation of toxic karma and baggage


This price includes four 1-hour healing sessions, each of which are given one week apart and fully remote at an agreed time. In my experience as a Shamanic practitioner, block sessions are the most effective approach if looking for lasting changes. If you want to book just a standalone session then click here.


During the sessions, you should lay still, as you would if receiving healing in person, while I and the spirits connect with you energetically. All energy healing, exorcism, soul retrieval and other metaphysical work are effective through this method. You will feel energy shifting in your body and energy throughout the process, and may go very sleepy as your unconscious is changing. During this healing I will look into your unconscious and subconscious minds, where I will be able to find limiting beliefs, laws, contracts, attachments, entities etc. All these problems can be released and healed from a distance.


The Package: 


  • Sharing of Intention - you will receive an email from me to arrange your sessions upon purchase and you will also have an opportunity to share what you want to heal
  • Four Distant Shamanic Healing Sessions - using a combination of advanced Shamanic and occult techniques mentioned above
  • In-Depth Feedback - after each session, you will receive in-depth email feedback on what was identified during the healing as well as integration techniques


Please Note - These healing sessions are extensive and will trigger significant shifts in your energy. On occasion, this can induce a cleansing process, whereby your system starts to release toxins that it no longer needs. This is completely normal and should be welcomed.

PLEASE NOTE: These healings are here to support your healing path but are NOT replacements for Psychiatry and does not claim to be a primary treatment for any existing health condition. 

If you would like coaching + healing options then this can be explored here.

Shamanic Distant Healing Package (Four Healing Sessions)

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